Welcome to the new Yummy Montana website!

I'm excited to have a new design for Yummy Montana. I am open to suggestions about what you would like to see included. I want this website to be useful to market people — managers, vendors, and customers.

Two lists will be available soon for download, lists that vendors have indicated would be helpful to planning their season: markets by the month they open and markets by the day of the week on which they run.

I found the latter list of great interest:

  • Sunday: 2 markets
  • Monday: 1 market
  • Tuesday: 6 markets
  • Wednesday: 12 markets
  • Thursday: 15 markets
  • Friday: 6 markets
  • Saturday: 34 markets

I hope to share more little gems like this. I find farmers markets endlessly enchanting. People, of course, always have a fascinating story to tell. But there is enjoyment in learning the history of each market and discovering why the kinds of goods sold are available. The charm is definitely in the details.